Photography: Natural light

Living by the South Coast, and in the West Sussex area means there are some wonderful places to visit. Rich in nature and colour. One of my favourite things to do, and don't do it enough, is to go and visit the farmers markets. Roundstone pick your own in Angmering, West Sussex, is a great [...]


Reviews: Women, and the space we occupy…

This post is probably going to have a different tone it, than my usual posts do. Recently, a lot of my thoughts have been centred around feminism and femininity. My reading has focused on more modern feminists texts, such as Hot Feminist by Polly Vernon. Great read. Review to come soon. Girl Boss by Sophia [...]

Lifestyle: Sunday walks

Getting out and about at the weekend is something both myself and James love doing. Whilst having a nothing weekend, where you watch films and relax on the sofa is fine, we do get restless and need to get outside and move our bodies in some way. Being outside is truly great for your overall wellbeing [...]