Food // Coconut protien bliss balls

I am not the best at baking. But I do like to give things a good go. I'm pretty good at putting things together in a batch cooking sort of way. However, when I follow recipes something seems to go wrong somewhere. Now with these delicious little bites I thought what could go wrong. And … Continue reading Food // Coconut protien bliss balls


Photography // Autumn play

Exploring High Salvington area in Worthing this weekend. Beautiful autumnal colours, smells, sounds and textures. Couldn't help but play around with my camera this weekend. Has been a while since I got my camera out to take photographs. Maybe inspiration has been lacking some what lately. Lots of change and transition happening right now. Working … Continue reading Photography // Autumn play

Food // Tom Foolery

A different tone for my post today. This time all about food! One of my favourite things to do! *** One of my favourite things to do on the weekend is going out for food. I know I have written about this before and one of my goals / intentions for 2018 was to find … Continue reading Food // Tom Foolery

Wellbeing // Learning to slow down…

Learning to slow down is hard for me. Learning to take time and be still is hard for me. Learning to just be okay with the way things are is hard for me. I'm a natural born fidget. I struggle to get comfy, I need to pick, scratch, move and faff about before I can … Continue reading Wellbeing // Learning to slow down…

Lifestyle // Reuse and Rework

Following on from my last post about being more environmentally conscious (which you can take a look at here) I have been looking into my clothing and really assessing what I wear and don't wear. How I can take note of what seems to add value and what I really don't spend time thinking about … Continue reading Lifestyle // Reuse and Rework

Reviews // Lifestyle: “I’m a feminist but…”

As an early birthday present from a close friend of mine, I was treated to an evening with Deborah France White, author of the Guilty Feminist. What a fabulous evening! Inspiring, thought provoking and truly motivating. Now I'm a newbie to Deborah and her podcast The Guilty Feminist, but my friend is an avid listener … Continue reading Reviews // Lifestyle: “I’m a feminist but…”

Travel // Hamburg (24hrs)

My whistle stop tour of Hamburg. Here is a little round up my trip to Hamburg. It really was a quick turn around so I wanted to make sure I packed enough in my day to really get a feel of the place. I wanted to make sure I got my tourist quota filled up, … Continue reading Travel // Hamburg (24hrs)

Lifestyle // Living environmentally aware

A slightly different kind of post today but still a topic that is quickly becoming more important to me. I will try to keep it easy and not too "earth warrior preacher". Although there's 'nout wrong with that! In a world where we are over exposed to the changes in our climate, the waste that … Continue reading Lifestyle // Living environmentally aware

Fitness // Lifestyle: new routines

Getting in a new groove. Finding a new routine. Building healthy habits. Starting fresh. Whatever you want to call it; fitness and health is all about routine and structure. Creating a routine that is achievable and enjoyable. 'Cause let's face it if you're not going to enjoy it then you ain't gonna stick with it. … Continue reading Fitness // Lifestyle: new routines

Travel // Photography: Bern & Zurich

The final two stops on our journey through Switzerland were Bern and Zurich. Bern happened to be a happy, unplanned for surprise. As we were on the train back to Zurich for our final stop over, we were passing through Bern and thought why not spend the afternoon there. Glad we did. What a great … Continue reading Travel // Photography: Bern & Zurich