Lifestyle // Healthy Habits

So, what do we mean by healthy habits? When we think of a healthy lifestyle what comes to mind? How do you define being healthy? How does that image of a healthy lifestyle fit into your current circumstances? And finally why is being healthy so important? *** These questions can be tricky to answer when … Continue reading Lifestyle // Healthy Habits


Lifestyle // January edit

I know we are currently mid-way through February but I thought I would share with you all my current faves of the moment. Things and stuff and shows that I have been loving recently. If all goes well I might make this a more regular feature. Maybe once every 2 - 3 months. A little … Continue reading Lifestyle // January edit

Lifestyle // Spark Joy

How do you spark joy in your life? How do you find or even know what sparks joy in your life? Recently I have been thinking about my life and how to create a life that is meaningful to me. I think about this all the time actually. Pretty much everyday. And the tone of … Continue reading Lifestyle // Spark Joy

Intention Setting 2019

...or life goals or resolutions, what ever you call them. I prefer intentions as it seems more positive and less restricted. With an intention there's no obvious end game or strategy. But simply living life in a way that does justice to your values... *** Welcome! Welcome 2019. Happy to see you, greet you with … Continue reading Intention Setting 2019

Photography // Lacock, Boxing Day

SIDE NOTE: THIS WAS A DRAG HUNT. NO FOXES WERE USED OR HUNTED. THIS POST IS NOT AN ADVOCATION OF FOX HUNTING. JUST A COLLECTION OF IMAGES DOCUMENTING THE ANIMALS. Boxing Day drag hunt at Lacock, Wiltshire. Using natural lighting and minimal editing. The horse were beautiful and hounds wonderfully gentle. Just a few images … Continue reading Photography // Lacock, Boxing Day

Who do I want to be?

Side note: This post today has been sat on the backseat for a good couple of months. I have gone back and forth whether to write this post or not. I wrote down these thoughts when watching a recent documentary (as I seem to always do now...what can I say I get inspired!) and I … Continue reading Who do I want to be?

Festive fancies

Here we are again. Another Christmas and another year coming to an end. As per usual I will be writing a post on my current thoughts about this past year and where I currently sit. But for now I leave you with some festive fancies from the past few weeks. Just a little visual diary.I … Continue reading Festive fancies