Being vulnerable?!

Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash To be able to stand in discomfort with people who are processing shame, or hurt, or disappointment, or hardship, and to be able to say to them "I see you, and I can hold this space for you" is the epitome of courage...Brene Brown: Dare to Lead Being vulnerable? … Continue reading Being vulnerable?!


The May Edit

Doing these little edits has made me really think about the things I'm using and what value I get from the objects I own. Paying thanks and being grateful for what I have is something I am incorporating into my daily routine and it's really helped me to appreciate my life In so many new … Continue reading The May Edit

Photography // Hazy Days

Been a while since I shared some of my photography. Mostly because I haven't been getting my camera out. It wasn't until the recent Easter bank holiday did I feel some kind of inspiration to shoot away. I decided to capture my local area and the sunny, hazy, warm days of beach living. Pretty much … Continue reading Photography // Hazy Days

Lifestyle // Sustainability?!

Getting straight into it today. A long one today for you all... Lets talk about sustainability. The buzz word of the moment. Everyone seems to be promoting, discussing, protesting etc about being more sustainable and pretty much all over social media being eco-friendly, sustainable and zero-waste is the "new-in" thing to do. Well sustainability isn't … Continue reading Lifestyle // Sustainability?!