Arundel: Mini beer festival

What, a kind if semi-decent bank holiday we are having here in the South Coast. Saturday was a particularly nice day. Sunny, blue skies and warmish temperatures that meant the coats could be replaced with jumpers, and finally the sunglasses being bought out of hibernation.

Because of this James and myself decided to venture into one of our favourite Sussex villages, Arundel, for a mini beer festival. And by mini, I mean a small stand under a tent, set up on the green next to Arundel castle, over looking the riverside.

Although, being a small event, it was the perfect way to spend a glorious sunny afternoon. The beer was good, the green was busy with young couples and families all enjoying the beginnings of the May bank holiday.

Arundel on a bright day is such a beautiful, quaint place to visit. We perched up next to the riverside with our ales and pasties and enjoyed the afternoon. My ale of choice (and I am not one to drink ale; actually this was really the first ale I have ever had) was Liquid Gold, a local Sussex brew. Light, fruity and not in the slightest bit hoppy (technical term there, meaning bitter). Discovering local, community events is something we both enjoy doing. I believe that even if it’s a small event, it’s worth supporting your local communities and making the most of what’s to offer. Sometimes those smaller events are the best as there’s less faff and pretentiousness surrounding them.

If you find yourself visiting the Sussex countryside, swing by Arundel. With it’s cute little local cafés and village boutiques, plus the castle with it’s additional grounds to walk around, you’ll find yourself having a delightful time.



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