Food: My love affair with Thai cuisine

Thai food has always, and will be, one of my favourite cuisines. The flavours, the smells, the variety of ingredients used all make up some of the most tantalizing dishes that I have had the pleasure of eating.

To be at the center of such exciting food prospects, I did not waste any time trying and sampling all that was on offer. From the street food to restaurants, nothing was off limits to me. I made a commitment to myself to try most things. Such as chicken heart and fish balls (not as bad as they sound). After a couple of days exploring different flavours and textures, I knew exactly what I preferred and how hot/spicey I liked my dishes.


Above: Train night market, Ratchada


Above: Som Tam


Above: Koh San Road, best Pad Thai ever!


Above: Ko Samet (essentially street food but on the beach)

Below listed are just a few of my new found delights, which in time I would like to try and recreate.

Pad Gra Pow: Minced prok with chillie basil and sticky rice

Morning glory: Fried green vegatables nad chilli

Fired chicken skewers: Exactly as it sounds

Som Tham: Chillie tomoato and papaya salad. Cold, fresh and ridiculously hot but delicious

Tom Yum kung soup: Prawn and chili soup

Pad thai: Fried prawn, chicken and egg with noodles and vegetables

Mango and sticky rice: Exactly as it sounds. Sliced fresh mango and sticky boiled rice.

Bamboo: Lebanese restaurant in Bangkok (welcome change to all the street food)

I truly believe that if you are travelling somewhere far and unknown then you should at least explore and be open to new experiences. Sampling new foods is one such way to do this. These are just some of the foods I enjoyed during my time away. Upon returning, it wasn’t just the places I had visited that I was missing, it was all the fresh food. Everyday my mouth was experience some new gastronomical delight. Never once did I feel full or like I had over-eaten. All portions were perfectly sized and always just enough to satisfy my ever growing food cravings.

Hoping soon to experiment my own Thai creations. 





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