Travel: Things to do in Bangkok

Finally, here I am after a good couple of months sharing my experience of Bangkok with you all. Taken a good while to get round to writing this post. A combination of being busy with work and being a bit lazy, blah blah blah, is what keeps me from these little spaces of mine.

Well here we go! I’m still on a slight come down after my trip to Thailand and it’s been a good three months now, but I can’t help thinking there was so much more for me to see and do there. Am currently now planning what I want to next year. Of course seeing my brother again and celebrating Thai new year (will be writing a different post on the experience soon) will be high on my list, but there’s so much out there such as the islands and different cities. So until then here is my experience of Bangkok.

I loved Bangkok. The noise, the colours, the smells; everything about it was amazing. There is so much to do in the city and I think there is this perception it’s all about lady boys and strip joints. Whilst there are those areas (like any city), Bangkok is a great place to live. It is a diverse, multi-cultural and vibrant city. I see why my brother decided to stay.

After we returned from Ko Samet, my brother and I spent a day exploring the city and ticking off the things I had on my to do list. Such as Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Bangkok canals, Koh San Road etc. It was lovely hanging out with my brother, just the two of us. Catching up, having a few drinks, eating and exploring some amazing temples. I won’t go on too much, and will keep the words to a minimum. However, I will list below some of the things that you have to do when in Bangkok.

Things to do in Bangkok:

Wat Pho: one of the oldest and grandest temples housing the the longest, gold reclining Buddha in the world.

Bangkok canals: definitely worth doing. Had a great time relaxing and seeing Bangkok’s delights from the water.

China town: this was like stepping into another country. I felt like I had entered into China. The signs, the smells, the food was just amazing. Worth a visit, especially when you step inside the little market streets. Probably would of got lost if I hadn’t been with my brother.

Grand Palace: didn’t see inside the grounds. was too late and not appropriately dressed. If you go you need to get there early and be modestly dressed.

Chatuchak weekend market and Rachatada train night market: both a whole other level of intense. Especially chatuchak market. Vast and immense, selling everything from clothes, to interiors to food etc. One of the best markets I have visit thus far. Picked many treats whilst I was there.


There you go. A little taster of Bangkok. A place with so much on offer. Great bars, restaurants, street food and shopping areas.



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