Lifestyle: Sunday walks

Getting out and about at the weekend is something both myself and James love doing. Whilst having a nothing weekend, where you watch films and relax on the sofa is fine, we do get restless and need to get outside and move our bodies in some way. Being outside is truly great for your overall wellbeing and health. It has been said that a good 30 min walk each day is enough for your heart and body to feel the benefits of being physically active. The fresh air is a great way to help you sleep and seeing natural beauty, for me, makes me feel happy. And grateful for being able to live some where so picturesque.

Living near the Sussex countryside means we have the perfect excuse to get outdoors. We do not make the most of the sussex hills, and decided we needed to explore more at the weekends.

That being said, recently we headed up to Findon valley for a Sunday stroll. I of course wanted to climb trees, and practise some yoga moves in the fields (yes, I am one of those people) whilst James took some snaps. Also, heading out into the hills meant I could get my camera out and dust off my photography skills. So here is a collection of images with some posey and shameless yoga photos.

Findon valley, Cissbury ring especially is such a beautiful place to go for a walking adventure. It is not a strenuous walk. There is some incline but nothing to difficult. Enough to get your heart rate up. Once at the top of the hill the views are stunning and makes you appreciate the natural world. Seeing the rolling hills, with patterned fields, and varying hills lines takes your breath away. The Sussex countryside is really amazing and on good sunny day, is a great place to and stretch your legs and fill your lungs with fresh air.








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