Local adventures

Something that I am trying to do more of at the moment, is explore what my local area has on offer. Whether that is going for walks up in the South Downs, or visiting near by villages and having a pub lunch. I think it is important to support and be a part of your local community. To get involved in the local dialogue and understand how your immediate environment is working.

Recently myself and James went to the local Worthing Comicon. And we had so much fun. It was a small, family centred affair that bought a smile to my face. It was not as big as the Brighton Comicon; however it was lovely to do something different, where the money raised on entry went to a local charity. And through the different stalls and stands, you were also supporting independent sellers. I love all things geeky, nerdy, film and comic related, so seeing a giant Pikachu made me squeal with love. Of course a photo was taken. My inner child was jumping for joy.

I would always recommend looking up what is happening in your local area, whether it’s exhibitions, music events, day fairs and festivals. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon exploring what is on offer.

As I get back into my photography I used this opportunity to take a few snaps of the event.




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